Facul-Tea Webinars


Facul-Tea Pedagogy Quick Bites is a series of concise 15-minute Zoom session webinars on a variety of pedagogy topics. We invite you to grab your favorite beverage and join us for a brief overview followed by a quick Q & A discussion.  Every session topic has a related Google doc handout with links to additional reading and resources.

Check the eCampus workshops webpage to register for an upcoming live webinar/discussion. If you can’t attend a live session, however, on this page are links to the videos and handouts. (NOTE: The videos are not of a live session, so there is no Q & A in any videos.)

Social Belonging

Underrepresented students have higher drop out rates and lower grades than their peers. Research indicates, however,  that small targeted efforts to address their concerns about fitting in at college improves their success. 

Social Belonging Video 1 (4:13)  

Social Belonging Video 2 (4:51)  

Social Belonging Google Doc Handout

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one that is primed for learning, but many of our students may not have had this modeled for them while growing up. Mindsets are not fixed. You can and should integrate the concept of a growth mindset with your curriculum. 

Growth Mindset Video 1 Overview (4:07)

Growth Mindset Video 2 Strategies (6:32)

Growth Mindset Handout

Bloom's Taxonomy Revision

Most educators are familiar with Bloom’s taxonomy, and the image of the pyramid which represents increasing levels of cognitive development. The revision in the mid-nineties expanded the model to add detail on how types of knowledge intersect with those different levels of cognition. This adds additional complexity and nuance to this still relevant model.

The Bloom’s Taxonomy Revision (8:46)

Bloom’s Taxonomy Handout

Canvas Do's and Don'ts

Our learning management system is one of the most important technology tools for teaching and learning you have in your arsenal. Following recommendations on the effective use of Canvas in terms of good design, as well as tips for saving yourself time and frustration in the long term, are critical to getting the most out of it. 

Canvas Do's and Don'ts Video (10:24)

Canvas Do’s and Don’ts Handout

Faculty, Technology, & Stress

A recent survey of 500 college faculty reveals that much of the stress faculty experience around adopting new technology is internally driven. Understanding the concepts and techniques of mindfulness, as well as what a flow state is, can help us manage this stress.

Faculty, Technology, & Stress Video (11:30)

Faculty, Technology, & Stress Handout


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