Digital Pedagogy

Digital pedagogy is the study and use of contemporary digital technologies in teaching and learning.  Digital pedagogy may be applied to online, hybrid, and face-to-face learning environments

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities

The Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities project is a scholarly collection of reusable resources for teaching and research. Organized by keyword, each annotated artifact can be saved, shared, and downloaded. You can read it like a manuscript, or use it to create your own digital resources.

This project includes 59 keywords (Collaboration, Textual Analysis, Language Learning, and more) about how to teaching a particular concept digitally. But, the most important aspect for us right now: each keyword offers 10 annotated artifacts -- that's more than 590 assignments, syllabi, rubrics, articles available right now. All FREE! It will remain open access (digital) forever. 

Learn more about the project: Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities