Overhead Project

Overhead and Document CameraThe Overhead Project involves a review of the usage of overhead transparency projectors in classrooms. Upon review, recommendations for technological updates will get made for classrooms that include this tool. In preparation for any changes, we are offering open forums, group training, and one-on-one support on the use of alternative solutions.

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Document Camera Quick Guide

How To Guide - Document Cameras

Project Timeline

Spring 2017 - College/Department Demonstrations

Based upon request, attend various meetings to briefly demonstrate the document camera capabilities.

Spring 2017 - Faculty Training

Provide group and individual training for those faculty assigned to a room with a document camera. 

May 2016 to January 2017 - Equipment Installation

Technicians will update equipment in select classrooms.

April 2016 - Feedback Review

A committee will review all feedback provided via the survey, open forum, and emails. Based upon this information, recommendations will be made for classrooms to receive updates. Note: Once classrooms have been identified, faculty that are scheduled to teach in those rooms, will get contacted regarding training on the new tool.

March 2016 - Overhead Forums

These events included demonstrations of various methods of displaying transparency materials for teaching. There was also the opportunity to provide input into the planning of a gradual transition from overheads to newer technology solutions.  

November 2015 - Overhead Usage Survey

To ensure we addressed faculty needs regarding overhead transparency projectors, we encouraged faculty participation in a brief survey. The survey involved identifying the services necessary to make any changes.


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