Video Recording Options

There are several options available to SJSU faculty and staff that can help you create a video recording. Please review each option to help you decide what technology will fulfill your recording needs.


Camtasia is software available to current faculty and staff at San Jose State University at no cost. Camtasia will allow you to create and edit videos offline to share asynchronously with students, colleagues, or to the public. 

Strength: Flexibility of creating and editing videos to your liking


eCampus Video Lab

The eCampus Video Lab is a room dedicated to faculty and staff needing to record quality audios or videos in a quiet room. The room includes a computer, studio lights, microphone, camera, and tablet.

Strength: Quiet location that includes any recording equipment needed for your videos



Zoom provides the flexibility to host synchronous meetings online with any user and later share a recording of the meeting for user unable to attend asynchronously. 

Strength: Record online meetings with any user (or a group of users) to share and view asynchronously



Snagit is a screen capture software primarily focused on taking screenshots but does offer the ability to make simple screen capture videos.

Strength: Produces videos much faster without having to worry about many editing features