F13-2, University Policy, Technology Intensive, Hybrid and Online Courses and Programs

This policy details principles to abide by in these courses and programs, curriculum approval processes for new and existing courses and programs, and details regarding contracts related to technology intensive, hybrid, and online courses and programs.

F15-3, University Policy, Establishing a Committed Presence in a Class 

This policy revision adds a clause to determine how students establish a committed presence in online classes.

F15-7, University Policy, Academic Integrity

This policy sets the standards for academic integrity - academic honesty and fairness - and shall be used to inform students, faculty, and staff of the university’s Academic Integrity Policy.  

CSU Virtual Learning Student Privacy Rights

Frequently asked questions related to student privacy.

Assembly Bill 386

Assembly Bill 386 authorizes any student enrolled at a CSU campus who meets specified requirements to enroll, without formal admission, and without payment of additional tuition or fees, except as provided, in a course provided entirely online, as defined, by another CSU campus on a space-available basis.

Course Guidelines

eCampus at San Jose State University provides tools to assist with the authentication of students who register in a hybrid or online course. This can include methods such as (a) secure login and pass code, (b) Plagiarism check enabled assignments, or (c) new or other technologies and practices that are effective in verifying student identification.

CourseMatch: Cross-Campus Enrollment

The California State University (CSU) system offers students the ability to enroll in courses listed at other CSUs through the CourseMatch Program. Eligible students can search through the list of courses offered at participating CSUs as well as course descriptions for each course.