Spring 2019 Active Learning Certificate Participants




Jennifer Redd Program Facilitator
Elizabeth Tu Instructional Designer
Klaus Trilck Instructional Designer
Bethany Winslow  Instructional Designer





Course Number

Course Names 

Estevan Azcona Chicana & Chicano Studies  MAS 10A  Mexican Americans and the Development of U.S. History and Government 
Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite English  ENGL 2  Critical Thinking and Writing 
Alice Butzlaff  Nursing  NURS 259  Advanced Clinical Pharmacology 
Peter Coronado Biomedical Engineering  BME 174  Biomedical Regulatory Requirements 
Arthur Eiserloh  Meteorology  METR 113  Atmospheric Pollution 
Ellyn Herb  Psychology  PSYC 165  Theory and Methods of Counseling 
Karin Jeffery  Kinesiology  KIN 169  Diversity, Stress and Health 
Diane Kovacs  School of Information  INFO 250  Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals 
Matthew Love  Special Education  EDSE 279  Managing Behavior and Emotional Problems of Students in Special Education 
Raji Lukkoor  Civil & Environmental Engineering  CE 95  Theory and Application of Statics 
Jennifer Morrison  Communication Studies  COMM 101C  Junior Seminar: Theorizing Communcation 
Joanne Rondilla  Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences  AAS 33B  Asian Americans in U.S. History II 
Roberta Ritter Spier  Nutrition, Food Science, & Packaging  NUFS 144  Food Culture: Consuming Passions 
Aaron Romanowsky  Physics & Astronomy  ASTR 155  Topics in Modern Astrophysics 
Richard Sessions  School of Information Systems & Technology  BUS4-119B  Business Strategy and Information Systems 
Mary Anne Sunseri Communication Studies  COMM 100W  Writing Workshop: Writing for Influence 
Igor Tyukhov  Mechanical Engineering  ME 115  Thermal Engineering Laboratory 
Michael Vallerga  Justice Studies  JS 15  Introductory Statistics in Justice Studies