Course Redesign

Welcome to the eCampus Course Redesign page. Within this page you will find information regarding various resources that may be of interest to you.

Course Redesign with Technology

Two of the CSU’s Course Redesign with Technology programs focus on redesigning courses to reduce number of bottleneck (high-enrollment/low-success) courses. This includes Promising Practices and Proven Practices.

Course Redesign Poster Presentations

Faculty presented posters of their Course Redesign projects at the Faculty Recognition Event.

  • Poster: "Flipped Hybrid Technical Writing Course for Engineers" by Stacey Knapp
  • Poster: "Introduction to Programming with Java" by Kathleen O'Brien
  • Poster: "The Essentials of U.S. History" by Kate Chilton and Laura Guardino
  • Poster: Enhancing Adult Care Management: Course with Innovative Learning Strategies by Colleen O'Leary-Kelley
  • Poster: "Active and Inclusive Learning in a Western Civilization Course" by Allison Katsev
  • Poster: "Principles of Marketing" by Marilyn Easter, Prabha Chandrarasekar and Anh Tran