eCampus Professional Development Tracks

eCampus offers a wide variety of workshops each semester to help you develop your full potential and grow in your teaching practice. We’ve organized these options thematically into six color coded tracks to help you prioritize what you might want to focus on.

These tracks roughly progress from broad and general to more narrow and specialized. Within each track, you might not want to take all workshops, but when you do attend all core workshops in a particular strand (in bold), you will earn a certificate of achievement.

New Adventurer Track

A track for instructors who are newer to San Jose State or to Canvas and/or educational technology in general.

This strand will get you up to speed with all the essential features of Canvas and introduce you to some the most commonly used instructor resources used at San Jose State University.

Multimedia and Content Development Track

This series is geared towards instructors wanting to focus on developing content for any of their courses. While not every workshop may be applicable, all of the workshops where you can learn how to create and edit multimedia content are listed here.

Adventurer Track

This track is for more experienced instructors who want to explore less commonly used technology tools or more advanced Canvas features.

The Experiential Track

Ever wanted to try something out before implementing it with your students in your real class? Then the experiential track is for you! These workshops are hands-on with participants enrolled in a demo course as a student. We consider the pedagogy of various Canvas teaching strategies and can see the teacher’s perspective visible on the overhead, but participants explore how the tools work from the perspective of a student on their own devices. Bring your questions!

Theory Track

The workshops in this track are geared towards instructional design and pedagogy.

Researcher Track

This track offers workshops that are specialized on research applications. As with the yellow track, not all of these may be applicable to you or your discipline. Any five choices satisfies this track.