Classifications and Terminology

Classroom Classifications

University lecture rooms are categorized into three types of classrooms:

  • Basic Classroom: VGA projector with audio.
  • Expanded Classroom: HDMI projector with audio.
  • Video Teleconference Classroom: HDMI video projector with audio, microphones and cameras for videoconferencing.

Classroom Terminology

University lecture rooms may include the following technology and furniture:

  • Document Camera: Projects a high quality video capture, includes ability to zoom in and out.
  • Interactive Display: Electronic presentation and electronic white board, includes ability to annotate.
  • White Board: Dry-erase board for use with nonpermanent erasable markers.
  • Blackboard: Traditional chalkboard writing surface.
  • Node Chairs: Moveable chair with attached writing surface.
  • Tablet Arm Chairs: plastic chairs with no wheels and with attached writing surface.
  • Fixed Seating: Non-moveable seats must be used in existing “fixed” position.
  • Fixed Tables: Tables must be used in existing "fixed" position.
  • Tables and Chairs: Moveable for various seating arrangements including large and small group settings.