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iPad Resources

Student using iPadInitial iPad Setup Guide [pdf]: This step-by-step guide includes the basic settings and creating your iTunes account.

Setting up SJSU email on the iPad [pdf]: This guide helps you in setting up your SJSU email (or other email) on your iPad.

Connecting the iPad to SJSU Premier [pdf]: This guide enables you to connect your iPad to the campus network, i.e. SJSU Premier.

Downloading an App on the iPad [pdf]: This guide outlines the process of downloading an App from the App Store on the iPad.

iPads in Education

Learn more about iBooks and how to create interactive textbooks for the iPad.

Accessibility on the iPad

Apps for Learning (by subject area)

eCampus Technology Equipment Program:

The purpose of this program is to encourage faculty from a variety of disciplines and at varying technological competencies to redevelop their courses that will integrate technology equipment, such as iPads, in a meaningful way into the course activities. Learn more about the eCampus Technology Equipment Program.

Need Help?

Please contact eCampus (4-2337) for assistance with using the iPad more effectively for teaching and learning.

We would be thrilled to hear and share your experiences of using various great apps on the iPad in your classroom or research.

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