Next Generation Classroom: Clark Hall 111

General Information

Next Generation ClassroomNext Generation Classroom: Clark Hall 111 is equipped with 50 chairs and 25 tables that allows custom arrangement of seating.  The classroom has three projection screens, permitting different sources to be projected onto each screen.  In addition, Clark Hall 111 includes the following technologies:

  • Crestron Controller - Used to control the room, including power room system up/down, select sources to display, select destination screens and volume controls.
  • Built-in Computers - Users are provided with the option of using the built-in computers that can be used to project classroom materials. Macintosh and Windows computers are built-in the podium.
  • Document Camera - Projects high quality digital capture to class, including zoom and lighting options.
  • SMART Interactive Whiteboards - Two SMART Interactive Whiteboards provide multiple functions ranging from a basic screen projection to electronically writing and drawing on the board.


Next Generation Classroom: Clark Hall 111 Quick Guide [pdf]