How to Embed a Qualtrics Survey on a Canvas Page

The following tutorial has step-by-step directions for embedding a Qualtrics Survey on a Canvas page. This feature can be used to centralize an instructor’s resources such as surveys on Canvas.

Step 1: Get the Survey Link from a Qualtrics Page

SJSU Login

  • Click on “Projects” present on the upper right-side of the screen

Qualtrics Project

  • Click on the name of the survey that you would like to embed on the Canvas page.
  • Click on “Distributions” tab as shown below:

Qualtrics Distributions

  • Now, click on the “Anonymous Link” option from the right-side navigation bar. A link will appear as shown below. Copy and paste the link. This is the link that will be used to embed the survey (copy and paste it somewhere for further usage)

Qualtrics Anonymous Link

Step 2: Use the Survey Link on a Canvas Page in HTML view 

SJSU Login

  • Click on the course under which you would like to embed the survey.

Embed Survey

  • Click on “Pages” on the left-hand side of the home page of your course.

Canvas Pages Menu

  • Click on Create a “+ Page” as shown below.

Qualtrics Add Page

  • Give the page a title and then click on “HTML Editor” as shown below.

HTML Editor

  • After Switching View, you will be able to see some blank space where in you can type or copy paste this following code:

  <iframe src="YourSurveyLinkWillGoHere" width=800 height=600></iframe>

  • Copy your Survey Link and place it in the above code as indicated between the quotation marks. 
  • After you do the above step, your code inside the Switched View should be something like the below text:

    <iframe src="https://... " width=800 height=600></iframe>

  • Click on Save to save the page and then the page should be embedded with your Qualtrics Survey (Resize the width and the height as per requirement.