Qualtrics Quick Guide

I. Qualtrics Login

Login URL: https://sjsu.qualtrics.com
Username: SJSU 9-digit ID
Password: SJSUOne Password

II. Qualtrics Help

III. Create a Survey

Create a survey in 2 ways, new blank project, from a copy, from a library, or
from a file. 

  • Create the folder on a side bar (optional) and select it to create the Project in the created folder.
  • Click on the Create Project button a dialogue box will appear. 
  • Blank Survey project: Build a completely new survey.
    •  Fill in your Survey Name.. Click Create Project
  • Create from Existing: Create a survey based on an existing survey you’ve already created or From a Library, or From a File.
  • From a Copy:
    • Click on From a Copy button. 
    • Find the survey you are copying from in the drop-down menu.
    • Create a new survey name and folder (optional). Click Create Project.
  • From a Library: Create a survey from Qualtrics Library or yours and use its template as a starting point.
    •  Click the From a Library button.
    • Select the library you would like to use. 
    • Select the source project, type in the project name (Survey name) 
    • Now, click on Create Project.
  • From a File: Click on Choose a .QSF File, which will open a new dialogue box wherein you choose the survey file.
    • Enter Project Name and then select Create Project.

IV. Create a Question

Questions can be created in two ways, create your own questions or import questions from your previous surveys or the Qualtrics library.

  • Creating a new question from the Default Question Block. 
    • Click on your survey and click on +Create a New Question. An automatic multiple-choice question will appear.
    • Use the options on the right-hand panel to edit your question. You can keep adding more questions by clicking the +Create a New Question.
  • Copy a Question from a Survey or Library from the Default Question Block 
    • Click on the Import Questions From… and select the location you want to copy your question from.
    • Select the category or survey you want to copy from. Click on the questions you would like to use, you will see it appear in the preview section.
    • Click on the Import 1 Question button to select it.

V. Activating/Deactivating Your Survey

You will need to activate your survey in order to collect responses. By default, all surveys created are inactive. 

  • To Activate: Go to the Distributions tab, select the distribution type from web, email, social and mobile and then select the appropriate sub option from it.
  • To Deactivate: Click Pause Response Collection at top left corner from the Distributions tab.

VI. View your Results

You may view individual anonymous responses of each person that took your survey or a survey report that will compile the results from everyone that took your survey. 

  • Viewing Individual Responses: Click on the Data & Analysis tab, you will automatically see information for your current survey. Click the dropdown arrow in the Actions column for that response and choose View Response. 
  • Viewing Reports: Click on the Reports tab, for a detailed report of the survey.