How to Share a Project in Qualtrics

This guide will teach you how to share a Qualtrics project with others.

Sharing your Survey:

Log into to your Qualtrics account at using your SJSUOne credentials. Then, click on “Collaborate” for the survey you want to share. This option is located on the right side of the project when on the main projects page.


Adding the User:

Enter the email address or SJSU ID followed by #sjsu of the user you want to share the survey with. Once you enter the information in the box provided, click on “Add”.

Note: Make sure that you enter the correct email address/ID for the user associated with his/her Qualtrics account.


Choosing the Level of Access:

Next, you can select the options you want to share with that particular user. You can give permission to “Edit” the survey, “View Results”, “Activate/ Deactivate”, “Copy” and “Distribute”. In the following example, we have only provided the “Edit” and “Activate/Deactivate” access to the user. Once you have selected the options, click on “Save”.


Note: Once the other user logs into his/her Qualtrics account, he/she can access your survey listed on the “Shared with Me” projects page.