Canvas Rubrics in TurnItIn

It is highly recommended to use the Turnitin LTI external tool submission type [pdf] instead of the check box next to Turnitin because it is more reliable and the reports are generated more quickly. 

To add a rubric to an assignment with the Turnitin LTI, it takes two steps. First, attach a Canvas rubric with the TurnItIn LTI. Second, set the external tool submission type. See detailed instructions below. 

Part 1: Create the assignment, write the instructions and add the rubric.

  1. Create the assignment. Include instructions and details on how to submit.
  2. Click the “+Rubric” button to add your rubric.
    Turnitin Assignment instructions, text only version linked and add rubric button.
  3. Be sure to select “use this rubric for assignment grading”. Then select “Create Rubric”. 
    Use rubric for assignment grading interface in Canvas rubric
  4. Now, it's a good idea to click "save" to save the work you've done so far. Then, go to Part 2. 

    Part 2: Add Turnitin to the Assignment

  5. Open the assignment and click “Edit”.
  6. Change the submission type to External Tool and select Turnitin from the list.
    External Tool button in TurnItIn
  7. Save the settings for your assignment at the bottom of the page.
  8. Please note that the check box Turnitin is not recommended as it's slower and not as reliable as the external tool. 

    Viewing the Rubric

    The rubric will not be viewable in the assignment.
    • Instructors can view the rubric in SpeedGrader.
    • Students can view the rubric by going to the Grades tab in the left hand navigation menu, selecting the assignment and selecting "show rubric" in the top right corner.  It is recommended to walk students through this process in class.
    • (Optional) To give students easy access to the rubric, consider creating a text-only accessible version of your rubric and linking it in the instructions. Screenshots are not accessible. A text-only version is a table created in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.