SJSU Accessible Syllabus Features

Each feature of the SJSU accessible syllabus template is thoughtfully designed for a syllabus management product that will positively impact SJSU today and into the future.


As we shift toward utilizing more technology in higher education, being able to centralize processes and data is essential when it comes to managing those technologies. The SJSU accessible syllabus template and permissions ensure that information will be consistent. The platform allows you to store, manage, and access thousands of syllabi from a single login, saving time and eliminating redundancy and user error.


When too many people are involved in the syllabus management process, it can be challenging to maintain consistency across documents. Consistency issues can directly affect accreditation, student retention, and faculty buy-in. The SJSU accessible syllabus template ensures that syllabi are consistent across the board. If you need to make a change that impacts several or all syllabi, you can do so with a few clicks. Additionally, you can set permissions to make sure that the information that needs to be consistent across all syllabi is not altered. 

Access that is always "on"

The SJSU accessible syllabus template is a web-based platform, so everyone - students, instructors, staff members, and administrators - can access their syllabi from anywhere and at any time. LMS integration and single sign-on compatibility provide multiple access points, and administrators have flexible control over how each user can access syllabi.


A robust reporting suite allows you to filter and pull reports you need for multiple aspects of your syllabus. Through reporting assets, you can create consistency checks across your documents by monitoring syllabus activity at both the macro and micro levels. While this helps in multiple elements, this also greatly impacts accreditation checks to ensure you are prepared for your reviews. All of these features combined let you keep a finger on the pulse of your system and ensure the long-term health of your syllabi.