Default Notification Settings in Canvas

This page will provide information on the default notification settings students receive in their Canvas course(s).

Student Default Notification Settings

The following table lists the different course activities and their default notification settings.

Course Activity Notification
Due Dates Emailed weekly
Course Content Emailed never
Files Emailed never
Announcements Emailed right away
Grading alerts Emailed right away
New invitations Emailed right away
All submissions Emailed never
Late grading Emailed daily
Submission Comments Emailed daily
Discussion Entry (For topics students comment on) Emailed Daily
Discussion (For new topics) Emailed never
Added to Conversation Emailed right away
Conversation messages Emailed right away
Student appointment signups Emailed never
Appointment Signups Emailed right away
Appointment Cancelations Emailed right away
Appointment Availability Emailed right away
Calendar Emailed never
Membership updates Emailed Daily
Alerts Emailed Daily
Administrative Notifications Emailed Daily

Note: There are two new notification options. The Files notification will notify users of new files in a course, but will wait until all the files are done updating before sending a notification [Due Dates]. Users can also click the Mark new submission comments as read checkbox to mark all submission comment as read in their Inbox [Grading Policy Changes].

Weekly notifications will be sent Saturday between 1pm and 3pm.

This picture shows the default settings for notifications from a student’s interface.

Canvas notifications settings

CanvasNotificationsDefaultSettings image 0

Canvas notifications settings