Piazza will no longer be supported by eCampus beginning in Spring 2021 and will get removed on May 28, 2021.

Piazza logo Piazza is a wiki-style Q & A platform that allows for you and your students to create discussions and polls, and to engage with each other outside of regular class hours. Piazza is available as a tool in Canvas, and it can support the development of a strong learning community as well as free up your time.

While this tool is great in any large course, it’s particularly suitable for technical courses where students might otherwise struggle alone with their homework.  Piazza leverages the idea of crowd sourced knowledge to help students get the feedback they need so they can quickly get back on track. If have larger classes and your students would benefit from being able to ask and answer each other’s questions, and share insights about your course content, then Piazza would be a great tool.

Piazza Features

  • At-a-glance dashboard notifies all participants on the latest activity; what questions have been posed and/or answered.
  • Wiki format allows for robust collaboration.
  • Folder organization helps keep your course topics organized.
  • Instructors can endorse student posts which benefits everyone.
  • Instructors can enable anonymous posting to better support shy students. This can also promote authentic discourse when discussing private or sensitive topics.
  • Analytics makes it easy to track student participation
  • Robust LaTeX editor allows for creating equations, code blocking, and adding videos or images.

Discipline Specific Demos

Take a look at real world demos of Piazza in different disciplines from the links below. From the Piazza website, you can also find demos for Computer Science, Physics, Economics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Piazza Recommendations

Homework Support Q & A - encourage your students to help each other and perhaps reward the most active participants with extra credit points.

Example Syllabus Disclosure - Timothy O. Linehan from McHenry County College posts in his syllabus “I process email only once a day, so develop the habit of turning to Piazza.” (Canvas Community Team Video, 2015).


Source: Canvas Community Team Video (2015). Harnessing the Power of External Apps: A Piazza Success . Retrieved 3/2/17 from https://community.canvaslms.com/videos/1631