Reference Guides

There are a variety of resources available to assist you with getting started with Adobe Creative Cloud.  

  1. Adobe Installation Guide [pdf]: Step-by-step instructions on how to access and install the Adobe creative products.

  2. Adobe Education Exchange: Get instant access to free resources, expertise, and opportunities for educators using Adobe tools in classroom.

  3. Creative Cloud Learn: A new portal for Creative Cloud tutorials on a variety of products.

  4. Adobe Creative Cloud Learn and Support: Get to know more about the Adobe CC and support it.

  5. Resources on Downloading and Installing Creative Cloud apps: You can use this to know the downloading and installing steps.

  6. Troubleshoot Creative Cloud download and install issues: You can run the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool to resolve some Creative Cloud or Creative Suite installation issues. For example, if you received “Failed to install" error when you try to install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application, review the install error solutions to resolve the issue.

  7. Adobe Education Leaders Higher Ed: Meet innovative educations who are effectively using Adobe tools and applications to promote excellence in the classroom

  8. Adobe for Education YouTube Channel: Learn how to use Adobe products from Adobe TV’s Higher Education channel.

  9. Visual Communication in Higher Education Distance Learning: Learn how higher education institutions are creating engaging learning, collaborating effectively, and improving productivity.

  10. Adobe Design Achievement Awards: Explore work by past winners and learn about these prestigious awards that honor talented and promising students from around the world.

  11. Adobe Certification: Demonstrate your skills through Adobe certification and stand apart from your peers. Students, staff, and faculty, you have the chance to get qualified as an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) in Adobe Creative Cloud software. This certification allows you to demonstrate professional-level skills and gives you the tools to become an expert in leading projects with Adobe software.  

  12. OnDemand Seminars: Check out these recorded seminars to learn more about Adobe in education.

  13. SJSU Adobe Day: San José State also celebrates 'SJSU Adobe Day' every year in which we invite an Adobe professional to come to our campus to provide highlights of the new Adobe products, tips for making the best use of Creative Cloud software, and other information.

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