Canvas Studio

Canvas Studio LogoCanvas Studio is a more video‑centric, interactive way to approach e-learning. Where video‑as‑a‑learning‑tool has typically been one‑way and passive, Studio makes learning an active, collaborative, impactful two-way street.

Adding captions to your videos is easy with Canvas Studio. The technology generates captions with 85% accuracy which means they must be edited to adhere to Section 508 accessibility standards

On-Demand Videos

Please use the On-Demand Videos Request Form to gain access to the eCampus video tutorials on Canvas Studio. The videos cover a range of topics from basic instructions on how to use Canvas Studio to more advanced features like creating video quizzes.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions or assitance after viewing the on-demand videos.

Text Based Resources

Studio Guide

Studio User Group

Studio Resource Document

Video Quizzing Information

Viewing the quiz results

How to request captions on Canvas Studio

Studio file size and file types

Screen recording on iOS device

Downloading Studio videos