Mastering Camtasia Online Canvas Course

If arranging training times or attending workshops doesn’t fit in with your busy schedule, don’t let that stop you for learning how to leverage the power of video in your teaching practice. Master instructional video development using Camtasia at your own pace with an online course that gives you all the resources you need, all in one place.

Comprehensive and Efficient

This course has been carefully designed to present video tutorials, and other resources, in a step-by-step sequence that lets you progress from the basics to more advanced skills. It’s comprehensive and self-paced, so you can learn in a way that’s most efficient for you. In just six modules, you’ll gain the confidence and skill you need to create awesome instructional videos. You’ll self-assess your knowledge with multiple short quizzes, and you’ll be prompted to create practice videos for each step in the learning journey.

What you will learn:

  • Get Started with Camtasia to Record, Edit, & Share!
  • More Recording, Editing, & Sharing!
  • Transitions, Annotations, & Behaviors!
  • Animations and Effects!
  • Editing Audio!
  • Produce Locally, Archiving, & Sharing Project Files!

Faculty Testimonial

I signed up for the Camtasia self-paced course in my first semester as an SJSU faculty member and had no time to do it until the following summer. To my surprise, it was so user friendly and I enjoyed it so much that I powered through it in one weekend.

The short videos, readings, and frequent encouragement and reassurance from Bethany made it feel safe to try things out, practice, and make mistakes. The activities to immediately test our the new skills in each module were so effective and I feel like I've gained skills that will really enhance my teaching. It also opened my eyes to so many other resources at SJSU that I wouldn't have otherwise learned about. Also, even though it's technically self-paced, Bethany promptly responded to my posts, gave feedback on my practice videos, and anwered my many questions. I would strongly recommend this course for anyone who is interested in Camtasia - even those who take the face to face workshops.

—Michelle Hampton, The Valley Foundation School of Nursing.

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