Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Devices

The eCampus Educational Research Space contains some of the most cutting-edge head-mounted displays available today. All faculty and staff of SJSU are welcome to visit for a VR/AR demo during staffed hours. Following is the list of devices at eCampus Educational Research Space.

HTC VIVE VR Headeset (1)

  htc vive vr headset 

Oculus Rift VR Headset (3)

          Oculus Rift VR headset 

Oculus Rift touch Controller (1)

    Oculus Rift touch controller 

VR Laptops (1)

  VR Laptop 

Samsung Gear VR (2)

         Samsung Gear VR

Samsung S8 Smart Phone (1)

             Samsung S8 Smart Phone

Apple iPods (9)

         Apple iPod Touch

Wireless Gaming Controller (1)

gaming ctrl

Tripods (4)

   tripod device

Google Cardboard  VR Headsets (10)

google cb