Writing Support

eCampus offers a variety of writing tools and services for students and faculty.

Criterion is an online writing evaluation service. As a writing assessment tool, students work on their essays and submit them to receive valuable feedback.  Criterion will no longer be available for use after the summer semester.

Excelsior OWL is a learning tool that supports the development of better writing. Instructors may use Excelsior OWL in several different ways; direct students to the free website, embed content into their Canvas course, or create their own lessons.

Hypothesis is an annotation tool that enables sentence-level note taking or critique on top of classroom readings, news, blogs, articles and more.

Portfolium is an online tool for showcasing your work.  It is an academic portfolio network that gives faculty, staff, students, and alumni the power to create and manage their projects, work samples, skills and other  accomplishments.