Remote Teaching Options

Strategies to facilitate your class online due to an unforeseen circumstance

Some circumstances may prevent you and your students from meeting on campus. This page provides resources and tips for teaching remotely due to unforeseen circumstances. These resources include how to Get Started, Best Practices, Canvas and other Tools How Tos, Frequently Asked Questions, Help, and Upcoming Training Sessions.

Faculty FAQ on Teaching and Learning

list of frequently asked questions has been created to provide guidance for faculty.

Getting Started

How to get started teaching remotely

Best Practices

Best practices for teaching remotely


How-to's for Canvas and other tools


Frequently Asked Questions


How to get additional assistance

Upcoming Workshops

Attend an online training session


Upcoming Online Training Opportunities

Monday, March 23
11:30 AM  Canvas II: Creating and Organizing Content with Modules, Pages, and Files (Online)  
Tuesday, March 24
10:00 AM  Creating Future Sustainability Advocates (Online)  
10:00 AM  Remote Teaching Series: Zoom 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
11:30 AM  Remote Teaching Series: Canvas Exams & Grading 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
12:00 PM  Getting Started with Adobe After Effects (Online)  
2:30 PM  Automate Writing Support with Criterion and Excelsior OWL (Online)  
Wednesday, March 25
9:30 AM  Learn something new through LinkedIn Learning (Online)  
2:00 PM  Remote Teaching Series: Canvas 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
4:00 PM  Remote Teaching Series: Canvas Studio 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
Thursday, March 26
10:30 AM  Remote Teaching Series: Online Polling Tools 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
1:00 PM  Remote Teaching Series: Google Apps 20 Minute Workshop (Online)  
2:30 PM  Please Take My Survey! A Practical Guide to Designing Your Survey in Qualtrics (Part 1) (Online)  
Friday, March 27
10:30 AM  Zoom: A Web Communication Tool (Online)  
Wednesday, April 1
11:00 AM  SPSS: Beyond the Basics (Online)  
Thursday, April 2
1:00 PM  NVivo I: Getting Started with NVivo (Online)  


Instructor Training: LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor

Daily Webinars about Respondus