Adobe Max

Adobe MAX is Adobe's Annual Creativity Conference 

This year the conference was fully online, and registration was free. This attracted millions of attendees compared to 16,000 in last year's live conference in Los Angeles.  In his opening keynote, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen noted that "creativity has never been more important."

Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen

He added that this was "the largest Adobe MAX ever."  Indeed Adobe MAX 2020 had over 2.2 million visits to the event site on, and over 21 million video views. Narayen pointed out that "This year's event demonstrates the power of digital to bring us all together now. What a challenging year it has been ... the isolation we're experiencing has underscored the need for human connection.  We are truly enduring unprecedented circumstances.  But these trying times have also illuminated that creativity has never been more important ... because creativity connects us, enables us to learn, encourages us to speak out, and gives us a way to cope. We've seen it everywhere this year."

There are over 350 sessions available from the Adobe MAX 2020 creativity conference. You may want to explore these free on-demand sessions depending on your particular interests. Visit the Adobe MAX 2020 video portal at

According to Adobe, the top 5 most popular Adobe MAX 2020 sessions were:

Here are other sessions that may be of interest to you. Click on session link to go to the full sessions.

Keeping Your Sense of Wonder: Using You as Inspiration

  • Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, Illustrator and Hand-Lettering Artist, Shauna Lynn Illustration, LLC

We all want to satisfy our inner child, but what about getting art direction from them? To retain a sense of youthful fun, professional illustrator and hand-lettering artist Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn imagines what her five-year-old self would think of every project she . . .

Creating Change: Empowering Students to Make a Difference

  • Richard Tate, Founder & CEO, The Ocean Agency
  • Row Trevellyan, Account Director, The Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency, the nonprofit behind the Netflix documentary Chasing Coral, shows how education can be made more meaningful. Find out how teachers can help students develop communication skills that inspire action by using real conservation briefs and accessing . . .

App Smashers Welcome: Integrating Spark and Creative Cloud with Your Favorite Classroom Tools

  • Jenna James, Sr. Product Manager, CC Education, Adobe
  • Sayali Kasture, Sr. Product Manager, Adobe

Learn how easy it is to include Adobe creative projects in your classroom through easy sign-ups for educators and integrations with learning systems like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Flipgrid, and Blackboard. Spend less time figuring out how . . . 

Creative Curriculum for Distance, Hybrid, or In-Person Classes

  • Cristen Magaletti, Secondary Social Science Teacher, Saint Andrew's School

Are you adapting lessons and projects for distance or hybrid classes? Instructional design approaches can ensure that your resources are accessible and easy to use. Hear from Adobe Education Leader Cristen Magaletti, creator of beloved teaching resources on Adobe . . .

Working Remotely and Efficiently with Creative Cloud

  • Roman Villarreal, Principal, Lumenbrite Design and Training

Discover how to be more effective with less effort using the power of Creative Cloud. In this session, teacher, designer, and business strategist Roman Villarreal will show how you can leverage Creative Cloud to work collaboratively and remotely with your team . . .

MAX Chats: Making the Most of Creative Cloud

  • Michael Chaize, Principal Product Manager - Creative Cloud, Adobe

In addition to giving you access to the best creative apps, Creative Cloud provides a range of resources to make your creative project a success. Join Principal Creative Cloud Product Manager Michael Chaize on Adobe Live as he shares techniques and resources to empower . . . 

One Student’s Journey: How Digital Literacy Assignments Can Propel Success

  • Valentina Arismendi Chirinos, Student, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Communication, critical thinking, and creativity skills are necessary for all students, no matter the discipline. In this session join UNC journalism student Valentina Arismendi as she describes how digital literacy assignments helped her gain the skills she needed to pursue . . . 

Personal Photo Projects that Boost Your Creativity

  • Julieanne Kost, Digital Imaging Evangelist, Adobe

Explore the benefits of using personal projects as a means to stretch your creativity and boost your photo editing techniques. Join Julieanne Kost, Adobe Digital Imaging Evangelist, as she discusses the power of personal projects by sharing her recent self-assignment . . .

Khan Academy and the Power of Video for Learning

  • Adam Green, US Academic Content Leader, Khan Academy
  • Brian Johnsrud, Education Curriculum Strategy Lead, Adobe

47% of GenZ spend at least 3 hours/day on YouTube. They prefer video over textbooks for learning. Adam Green, US Academic Content Leader at Khan Academy, and Adobe's Brian Johnsrud, Education Curriculum Strategy Lead, will discuss the important role of video in . . .

A Joyful Life: Illustrating Your Way to Contentment and Success

  • Octavia Bromell, Illustrator, Tink Illustration

Creating work that makes your soul sing is the single best thing you can do for your career and your happiness, and yet it’s so rarely prioritized. In this fun, honest, and inspiring session, join illustrator Octavia Bromell as she takes you on a journey to joy through the . . .


  • Carli Johnston, Co-founder, Head Of Product, Virtual Method
  • David Francis, Co-Founder of Virtual Method, Virtual Method

There’s no question that the future of engagement is spatial, but how prepared are creatives to tackle the necessary creative and technical hurdles to successfully deploy compelling, interactive, and meaningful experiences? And how prepared are they to . . . 

Enhancing Your Student Learning Experience with Adobe XD

  • Mark Shufflebottom, Professor of Interaction Design, Sheridan College

Discover how Adobe XD, a designing and prototyping app, can help educators build a dynamic, visual syllabus or a powerful slide deck while fostering collaboration. Hear how Sheridan College's Professor of Interaction Design, Mark Shufflebottom, uses XD as an essential tool in his curriculum. In this session you’ll learn how to . . .

Messages That Matter: How Creative Tools Empowered a Young Arts Activist

  • Tanya Avrith, Education Evangelist, Adobe
  • Alexander Grindle-Boettcher, Graphic Design Student, University of Central Florida

Join Adobe Education Evangelist Tanya Avrith for an interview with graphic design student Alexander Grindle-Boettcher, as he shares his self-taught creative journey driven by his passion for art activism. In a quest to discover how young creators can adapt their learning to . . . 

Making Innovation Accessible and Designing Inclusive Experiences

  • Cat Noone, CEO and Product Designer, Stark
  • Mrudula Peddinti, Branding Director, Limbitless Solutions

Join Cat Noone, product designer and CEO of Stark, and Mrudula Peddinti, branding director at Limbitless Solutions, to learn how each company is working to make the world’s most innovative products accessible to all, from designing for color blindness to creating an . . .

This Changes Everything: New Approaches to Reading

Rick Treitman, Ben Sawyer, Shelley Rodrigo

Join Adobe and our research partners from Readability Matters, LabX at the University of Central Florida, and the Writing Program at the University of Arizona to learn about our research into how the use of custom reading formats can make dramatic changes in how . . . 

The Deciding Factor: Admissions and Measuring Student Success

  • Tacy Trowbridge, Global Education Programs Lead, Adobe

The education landscape has been slowly evolving, but a global pandemic has seismically shifted how student success is measured and evaluated. Join Tacy Trowbridge, head of Global Education Programs at Adobe, as she shares a new Adobe study exploring emerging trends in college admissions and the importance of showcasing creative skills in college applications today. In this session, you’ll learn . . . 

How Diverse Teams Elevate Creativity

  • Tasha Lutfi, Principal Design Director, Microsoft

Recent events have sparked conversations about racial injustice and systemic racism. Black designers make up 3% of the design workforce in the United States, and this lack of diversity compounds the challenge of creating experiences that truly reflect our distinctly . . .

The Power of Professional Learning Communities: Educator Programs at Adobe

  • Clara Galan, Global Community Manager, Adobe
  • Mark Martin, MBE, Computer Science Lead, South Bank Engineering UTC

Discover global educator community programs at Adobe and their impact on teaching, learning, and education models. Clara Galan, global education community lead at Adobe, will share Adobe’s program offerings and interview Mark Martin, an Adobe education . . . 

Planning Your Next Step in a Creative Career — on Purpose

  • Adam Morgan, Executive Creative Director, Adobe

We all need to think more about our creative career options. Too many of us fall into a career path, wandering from one job to another. Join Adam Morgan, executive creative director at Adobe, as he shares insights from dozens of successful creative leaders, including top . . .