Adobe Examples

MAKE IT NOW : In less than sixty-seconds, we show you the steps to take on a fun creative project in Adobe Creative Cloud. 37 short video tutorials from how to make an animated gif in Photoshop to how to make it snow in After Effects!

600+ NEW FONTS: Creative Cloud customers now have access to 665 new fonts from 41 different type families, thanks to new additions from Monotype

NEW MODULES ADDED: Six NEW stand-alone modules were added to Creative Cloud Across The Curriculum practical guide to enable you to quickly integrate Adobe Creative Cloud into your curricula:

  1. Writing in the Social Sciences: Podcast in the Style of "This American Life" (by Sarah Walton)

  2. Writing and Communicating in the Sciences: iBiology Video Lecture (by Guillermo Rodríguez)

  3. Close Reading of a Film: Anatomy of a Scene (by Guillermo Rodríguez)

  4. Writing in the Social Sciences: Creating a Podcast in the Style of "A Thousand Things to Talk About" (by Guillermo Rodríguez)

  5. Writing in the Humanities: Cultural Studies Zine Using Adobe InDesign (by Trisha Remetir)

  6. Writing in the Social Sciences: Historical Campus Conflict Article (by Abigail Lee)

    Original Modules Include: