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May 12
COVID Recovery: As Pandemic Eases, Concerns About Inflation Emerge
Colleen Haight, KPIX

March 18, 2021
Covid economy big drop in San Francisco job postings
Justin Rietz, Mercury News


December 10
Silicon Valley will recover faster from COVID-19, report says; local economists unsure
Matt Holian, San Jose Spotlight

December 10
Lake Tahoe Travellers Seeing Cancellations After Region Bans Visitors
Colleen Haight, KTVU FOX2

September 10
Gyms in Santa Clara County welcome members back for indoor exercise
Colleen Haight, KTVU FOX2

July 30
Fremont family-owned bowling alley closes for good
Colleen Haight, KTVU

June 26
Working from home is costing Americans more than working from the office
Colleen Haight, KTVU

May 28
San Jose State Univesity Official Discusses Benefits of Distance Learning
Colleen Haight, KRON

May 28
Difficult College Decisions Loom for Graduating High School Students
Colleen Haight, KCBS Radio

May 19
"Vendors at San Jose's San Pedro Square adjusting to reopening during COVID-19 crisis"
Colleen Haight, KTVU FOX 2

May 14
"Stalled Building Project in the South Bay Resumes Construction"
Colleen Haight, KTVU FOX 2

March 9
"Stock market turmoil leaving Silicon Valley vulnerable amid coronavirus outbreak"
Matthew Holian, KGO-TV

March 3
"Coronavirus Fears Send Bay Area Shoppers into Panic Mode"
Matthew Holian, KTVU FOX 2


October 23
"Zuckerberg Defends Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Plan To Skeptical Lawmakers On House Committee"
Justin Rietz, KPIX 5 CBS

July 10
"Santa Clara County's plan to narrow gender wage gap"
Colleen Haight, FOX KTVU 2

June 25
"Facebook's New Digital Currency Plan Gaining Academic Exposure: San Jose State and Stanford academic economists are weighing in on Libra with cautious optimism."
Justin Rietz, Patch

June 24
"Adobe Breaks Ground on New Downtown San Jose Building, Plans New Hires"
Colleen Haight, NBC News

May 22
"San Jose State University holds multiple commencement ceremonies this week, some graduates worried about Bay Area cost of living"
Colleen Haight, ABC 7 News

January 22, 2019
"Households making over $200K are middle class in some Bay Area cities, study says"
Colleen Haight, KTVU

January 22, 2019
"Median income reaching new heights in Bay Area; $200K is middle class in San Jose"
Colleen Haight, KRON

January 1, 2019
"Low-wage workers benefit as SJ minimum wage increases to $15 an hour"
Fred Foldvary, KTVU


December 31, 2018
"Bay Area home sales in a slump"
Fred Foldvary, KGO-TV

November 7, 2018
Passage of Proposition P, a measure that imposes a head tax on businesses such as Google. 
Fred Foldvary, KGO-TV

October 22, 2018
"Bay Area projected to open 18.2 million square feet of office space this year"
Fred Folvary, FOX KTVU 2

September 24, 2018
"Real estate: Sellers market shifts to buyers in South Bay"
Fred Folvary, FOX KTVU 2

September 10, 2018
"Not just Apple: Intel and others object to Trump’s China tariffs"
Fred Folvary, The Mercury News

August 6, 2018
"Apple's trillion-dollar milestone 'symbolic' of Silicon Valley boom, says local economist"
Fred Foldvary, Silicon Valley Business Journal (subject to subscription)

July 28, 2018
"Red Flags That Indicate A Real Estate Market Crash"
Fred Foldvary, Forbes

July 20, 2018
"Kamala Harris proposes federal tax credits for renters"
Fred Foldvary, ABC 7 News

June 26, 2018
"EpiPen Pricing Controversy Reveals Ignorance about Market Competition"
Raymond March, Foundation for Economic Education

June 21, 2018
"Dear Congress, Please Don’t Keep Up with the Kardashians!"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

June 19, 2018
FDA Moves Closer to Approving Ecstasy"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

June 18, 2018
Right-to-Try Law Signed!"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

June 1, 2018
"The FDA Should Quit Regulating Nicotine Cold Turkey"
Raymond March, Sun Sentinel

May 3, 2018
"Curing Diseases is Sustainable, Government in Healthcare is NOT"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

April 25, 2018
"FDA Issues First Mandatory Recall for Contaminated Food"
Raymond March,  Independent Institute, The Beacon

April 18, 2018
"FDA Restricts Sale of Contraceptive Device"
Raymond March,  Independent Institute, The Beacon

April 5, 2018
"FDA Cracks Down on Online Eye-Exam Company"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

April 3, 2018
"The FDA Plans to Regulate Nicotine in Cigarettes"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

March 16, 2018
Opinion: SB 827 helps solve Bay Area housing, traffic challenges
Why California should stop letting cities block housing development near public transit
Tom Means and Emily Hamilton, The Mercury News

March 8, 2018
Phone interview about President Trump's proposed tariffs
Fred Folvary KTVU-TV Fox 2 News

February 28, 2018
"Politics Is Costing Lives by Delaying Right-to-Try Legislation"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

February 22, 2018
"Some Palo Alto Residents with six-figure incomes identify themselves as middle class"
Fred Folvary abc7 news

February 15, 2018
"Misdiagnosing Right-to-try Laws"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

February 13, 2018
"Right-to-try Laws the Right Way to Save More Lives"
Raymond March, The Hill

February 7, 2018
"Markets Provide Care for an Aging Population"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

January 11, 2018
"Medical Apps: Improving Healthcare on a Global Scale"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon


December 16, 2017
"Ecstasy Is Now Being Used to Treat PTSD"
Raymond March, Foundation for Economic Education

December 11, 2017
"Telemedicine: Answering the Call of Those Who Need it Most"
Raymond March, RealClear Health

December 11, 2017
"Hurricane disaster relief? There's an app for that | Opinion"
Raymond March, Sun Sentinel

November 7, 2017
"Right to try laws offer hope for the terminally ill"
Raymond March, The Hill

November 2, 2017 
"Medical Innovation--Not Government--can Ease the Pain of Opioid Abuse"
Raymond March, RealClear Health

October 9, 2017
"Thousands of Wine Country wildfire claims jolt insurers, pose thorny challenges for homeowners"
Lydia Ortega, Mercury News