Online Courses

For more information on these courses, please check the current course schedule to find which faculty is currently offering the class. Visit the syllabi page for a current syllabus, or inquire directly with the instuctor.


Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

Determination of economic aggregates such as total output, total employment, the price level and the rate of economic growth. Notes: May be taken concurrently or prior to ECON 1B. 4 units


Principles of Economics: Microeconomics

Allocation of resources and distribution of income as affected by the workings of the price system and by government policies. GE Area: D1 Notes: May be taken concurrently or prior to Econ 1A. 
4 units


Principles of Macroeconomics Online Lab

Self-paced, online lab guides students through practice and graded problem sets of key macroeconomics tools and concepts.
1 unit


Principles of Microeconomics Online Lab

Self-paced on line lab guides students through practice and graded problem sets of key microeconomics tools and concepts.

*ECON 2A and ECON 2B are 1 unit, credit/no credit online labs offered each Fall and Spring Semester. They were initially designed for transfer students who have 3 semester-unit Macroeconomics and Microeconomics courses from other colleges (SJSU Economics Department requires 4 semester units of Introductory Micro and Introductory Macro), and transfer students in the economics majors and minors must make-up the 1 unit. The labs are also useful for students who have taken the Principles of Economics course who are in need of a refresher.


Statistics Lab

This 1 unit, credit/no credit statistics lab is designed for transfer students who have taken a 3 semester-unit elementary statistics course. (SJSU Economics Department requires 4 semester units of introductory statistics. Transfer students who are economics majors and minors must make-up the missing unit.) The lab also is useful for those who have taken an elementary statistics course and are in need of a refresher. Basic statistical concepts and methods that emphasize understanding the principles of data collection and analysis rather than theory. Discussions of how statistics is commonly used in the real world.

ATTENTION: CHANGE OF POLICY (effective 08/24/18)
At SJSU, ECON 3 is a four-unit class in Introductory Statistics and Probability Theory, consisting of three units lecture and one-unit computer lab. Most transfer students have taken a 3-unit basic Statistics class, we offer a one-unit Stats Lab (ECON 2C) so that they may easily obtain the missing unit.

In the past, the department has had a policy that those students who take ECON 103 (Econometrics) and earn a C- or better, may waive the ECON 2C Stats Lab. Effective immediately, this policy is no longer in effect. Reasoning: Incentives Matter. We have found that students have (often to their detriment) decided to attempt ECON 103 without adequate preparation they would have had. This lack of preparation results in lower GPA’s and a poor foundation for further economic study.

Students who are currently (FALL 2018) taking ECON 103 in hopes of waiving, or who have taken ECON 103 with a C- or better in prior semesters, will be allowed to waive under the former policy. For all other students, 4-units of statistics is required.