Best Paper Competition Winners


Spring 2021 Awards

Award Author Paper
Best Graduate Student Paper Kevin Kan “Estimating the Effect on City Crime from the Presence of an NFL Team”
Best Undergraduate Student Paper, 1st Naren Pradhan “The ACA, Public Health Insurance, Spousal Insurance, and Self Employment”
Best Undergraduate Student Paper, 2nd Nolen Johnson “Cannabis Revolution”
Best Undergraduate Student Paper, 3rd Yousif Mahmoud “The Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on Employment with an Emphasis on the Efficacy of Renewable Energy Provisions”
Honorable Mention Sean Patrick King "The Possible Unintended Consequences of Increased Public Spending on Homelessness within California"
Honorable Mention Mai Vu "Forecasting: Electric Vehicle Sales in 10 Years in the United States"
Honorable Mention Christina Reynolds "COVID-19 vs. Businesses: Time-Series Analysis on the Effects of COVID-19 on Commercial Real Estate"
Honorable Mention Radostin Ivanov "Estimating the Impact of U.S. Federal Government Size on Private Domestic Investment Using an IV Regression Model"

Fall 2020 Awards

Award Author Paper
Best Graduate Paper Kevin Kan "Comparing MLB and NBA Player Salaries and their Marginal Revenue Product"
Best 203A Paper Alexander Tran "State Merit-based Financial Aid Programs and College Attainment Replications"
First, Best Undergraduate Paper Elizabeth Hartsog "Has Rent Control in San Francisco Contributed to Rising Housing Costs?"
Second, Best Undergraduate Paper Naren Pradhan "Say's Law, Keynes, and the Great Depression: The Evolution of Economic Theory"
Third, Best Undergraduate Paper Richard Cao "Impact of Race and Ethnicity on Health Care Coverage"
First, Best 100w Paper Mai Thanh Vu "Is College Worth It?"
Second, Best 100w Paper Mikaela Cocke "Minimum Wage Laws: The Harmful Effects"
Third, Best 100w Paper Shelby Mullendore "Economic Benefits and Drawbacks of Attending an Ivy League University"
Runner-up, Best 100w Paper Morgan Mosqueda "Universal Basic Income: A necessary policy progression into the future?"
Runner-up, Best 100w Paper Henry Lin "Sentiments and Saving"

Spring 2020 Awards

Award Author Paper

Best Paper, Graduate Student Winner

Kevin Kan

"The Effect of TV Ratings on Major League Baseball Franchises"

First, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner

Anahita Biglari

"Son Preference in the US"

Second, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner

Mai Vu

"Does climate or earnings affect the migration decision of college graduates?"

Third, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner

Elizabeth Hartsog

"Comparing the Effect of Obamacare and Romneycare on Uninsurance Rates and Insurance Premiums"

Best 100w Paper 

Bianca Nigri

"The Benefits of Legalizing Drugs in Latin American Countries"

Best Lower Division Paper

Victor Liu

"Minimum Wage: What's the Limit?"

Fall 2019 Best Paper Awards

Award Author Paper
Undergraduate Student Winner Austin Tse "Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate Optimal Investment Strategies"

Spring 2019 Best Paper Awards

Award Author Paper
First, Best Paper Graduate Winner Sharika Rakibullah

"The Impact of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 on Crimes in Arizona"

Second, Best Paper Graduate Winner Rosalyn Hua "Impact of the 2015 Amendment to HSC § 1280.15 on Data Breach Fines"
Third, Best Paper Graduate Winner Alexandra Voight "The Dot Com Boom, Bust, and the Tech Wage Premium"
First, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Theo Dubus "Black Fool’s Gold: The Venezuelan Economic Crisis and Government Over-reliance on Oil"
Second, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Eric Duong "U.S. Physician Shortage: A Misallocation Issue?"
Third, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Austin Tse "Determinants of Attractiveness in the Dating Market"


Fall 2018 Best Paper Awards

Award Author Paper
First, Best Paper Graduate Winner Anteneh Ayele "Willingness to Pay and Energy Efficiency"
Second, Best Paper Graduate Winner Sharika Rakibullah "The Persistence of Sex Preferences in the US"
Third, Best Paper Graduate Winner Rosalyn Hua "Asian American Women: Did the Great Recession Cause Childness"
First, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Anahito Biglari "Antoine Augustine Cournot: The Inception of Mathematical Economics"
Second, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Amar Pal and Henry Pineda "Why Institutions Matter: Analyzing the Relationship Between Economic Freedom and Standard of Living"
Third, Best Paper Undergraduate Winner Abdemer Gonzalez "Immigration and Its Impact on Earnings in America: An Analysis in the Construction Industry"

Spring 2018 Annual Best Paper Proposal Winners

Author Proposal
Mikhail Arbuzov "Estimated Dynamic Equilibrium Model: Supply and Demand as a Sample Path of a Stochastic Process?"
Alexander P. San Filippo "The Introduction of Private Prisons and Incarceration Rates"

Fall 2017 Semiannual Best Proposal Winners

Award Author Proposal

Graduate Student Winner

Allan Wheeler

"Equilibrium, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Calculation: Implications for Urban Economic Development"

Graduate Student Winners

Noe Vidales and Gregory Wong

"Public Policy and the Marital Decisions of the Indigenous Population of Mexico"

First, Undergraduate Student Winner

Christina Sawyer

"How Would Seattle’s Minimum Wage Policy Impact San Jose’s Citizens with Barriers to Employment?"

Second, Undergraduate Student Winner

Luca Pasquini

"Market Impacts of Cyber Attacks"

Third, Undergraduate Student Winner

Eshan Jain

"What Makes a Non-Profit Organization More Profitable?"

Spring 2017 Research Paper Competition Winners

Award Author Paper
First, Graduate Student Winner Jeffrey Tseng "Can Medical Students Improve Standardized USMLE Test Scores by Attending and Studying for Class?"
Second, Graduate Student Winner Veronica Jimenez "Can Anarchy and the State Coexist? An Analysis of Mexico"
Third, Graduate Student Winner Randy Avalos "NYISO Transmission Congestion Contract Abnormal Returns: Symptoms of Inefficient Market Design"
First, Undergraduate Student Winner Amar Pal

"Should Downtown San Francisco Implement a Congestion Pricing System Similar to London’s?"

Second, Undergraduate Student Winner Cassandra Denis "The Correlation between the Rate of Unemployment and the Rate of Total Crime"
Third, Undergraduate Student Winners Sherwin Vassigh and Austin Carnathan "Regression Analysis of Team Success in Basebal: The Impact of Salary Expenditures on Measures of Team Success"