Department Policies


Policy Change: Policy on waiving ECON 2C (formerly ECON 180) (pdf)


ECON 3 will no longer be offered by the department. However, those who still need to satisfy their 4-unit Statistics requirement may do so by taking ANY 3-unit Basic Statistics class (For example, STAT 95, SOCI 15, BUS3 90, among others) as well as ECON 2C (the 1-unit statistics lab).
Please note: Students new to the university in Fall 2020 need only take a 3-unit Basic Statistics class. Please see an Economics Department advisor if clarification is desired.
Please note: ECON 103 has been replaced by ECON 103A

Econ 107

Econ 107 is a 3-unit class, for information on how to enroll in a Econ 180 1-unit course, please contact Prof. Deyo to enroll.