Minor, Transformative Leadership

The new SJSU undergraduate Minor in Transformative Leadership is an interdisciplinary approach to leadership development through engagement with anti-racist pedagogies and practices. By building a foundation and framework for developing an intersectional lens throughout this program, students develop their leadership goals around becoming transformative agents of change in their communities through meaningful, culturally affirming, and sustaining practices.

Located in the SJSU Lurie College of Education's Department of Educational Leadership, the Transformative Leadership Minor prepares SJSU undergraduate students of all academic backgrounds to enact meaningful change in local, state, and national settings. If you have any questions about this minor, please email transformativeleadership-group@sjsu.edu.

RSVP for our info session on Tuesday, April 20, at 12pm

Minor Requirements

Students must complete 15 units to earn a Transformative Leadership Minor. Three courses are completed by all students, and then each student can choose their path for the final two classes using a curated list of classes. Additional electives may be added based on need. To be awarded a minor, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major (University Policy S16-4 [pdf]).

Core/Required Courses (9 Units)

  • EDLD 120: The Right to Learn: Language, Dignity, and Education - 3 units
  • EDLD 130: Antiracist Leadership: Cases, Frameworks, and Praxis - 3 units
  • EDLD 160: 1st Generation College Student Pathways - 3 units

Elective Courses (6 Units)

  • EDLD 140/EDCO 140: Positionality, Solidarity, and Social Justice Leadership - 3 units
  • EDLD 150: Communication and Social Justice - 3 units
  • CHAD 156 (formerly CHAD 196): Social Media and Social Issues: Making a Difference through Civic Engagement - 3 units

Students complete 2 of these courses. Elective options allow students to select which area they want to focus on in their transformative journey:

  • Amplifying spoken/written communication
  • Engaging with social media
  • Introspective analysis on positionality and social justice. 

How to Apply

To apply for a minor in Transformative Leadership, follow the steps below based on the number of units you have completed.

Students With 90 or More Units Completed

Meet with Janene Perez in the Lurie College Student Success Center. Request a Zoom appointment via email janene.perez@sjsu. edu. Please complete the top section of the Minor Request for Students with 90 units or more [pdf] form and prepare your personal statement before the meeting.

Students With Less Than 90 Units Completed

Complete the Google Form below. Your request will be reviewed and processed within 2-4 weeks.