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Verifying Subject Matter Competence  

Updated 10/20/2021

Individuals applying to the Multiple Subject, Single Subject, or Education Specialist (MMD & MSD) Credential Programs must satisfy subject matter proficiency which may be demonstrated through one of the following options. Details are available on the CTC website

  1. Completion of a subject matter program approved by the commission (CTC). Candidates who graduated from an SJSU commission approved preparation program may request for a verification letter from the program department.  Candidates who completed a commission approved subject matter program at another institution are required to provide a letter signed by the credential analyst at their institution.
    • SJSU Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) Preparation Programs 
      • Liberal Studies 
      • Child & Adolescent Development 
    • SJSU Secondary Subject Matter (SSM) Preparation Programs
      • Art 
      • English
      • Mathematics
      • Music Education
      • Physical Education/Kinesiology
      • Social Science
      • World Languages: Spanish
  2. Passage the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET)
  3. Completion of coursework at one or more regionally accredited institutions of higher education that addresses each of the domains of the subject matter requirements adopted by the commission in the content area of the credential pursuant to Section 44282, as verified by a Commission-approved program of professional preparation.
    • Multiple Subject: Coursework evaluation for this option is required, however, it has not been implemented at SJSU. Information will be shared once we have a process in place.
    • Single Subject: Applicants should refer to the Single Subject Program website for guidance on how to have their coursework reviewed by a subject area advisor.
  4. Completion of a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education with the following, as applicable:
    • For single subject credentials, a major in one of the subject area being sought:
      • Single Subject Areas offered at SJSU:
        • Art
        • English
        • Mathematics
        • Music
        • Physical Education
        • Science (Life Science/Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, Physics)
        • Social Science
        • World Language (Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.)
      • Other single subejct subject areas: Agriculture, Business, Dance, Health Science, Home Economics, Industrial and Technology Education,Theater
      • Single Subject applicants should refer to the Single Subject Program website for guidance on how to have their transcripts/major reviewed by a subject area advisor.
    • For multiple subject credentials:
      • Liberal Studies degree (Liberal Arts is not the same as Liberal Studies and will require coursework evaluation, see option 3).
      • Interdiscplinary Studies degree that includes coursework in the content areas pursuant to subdivision (b) of Section 44282.This option requires coursework evaluation, see option 3).
    • For education specialist credentials, a major in one of the subject areas under multiple subject or single subject, see above.
  1. Through a combination of the methods described in clauses (1), (2), and (3) in whole or in part, has met or exceeded each of the domains of the subject matter requirements adopted by the commission in the content area of the credential pursuant to Section 44282 for multiple and single subject credentials, or pursuant to Section 44265 for education specialist credentials. 

Education Specialist (MMD & MSD)

  • The preliminary teaching credential requirements include alignment of the subject-matter competence requirement to the Federal NCLB core academic subject areas (English, reading/language arts, mathematics, science, foreign language, civics/government, economics, arts, history, geography, and elementary level). This allows candidates to meet the subject-matter competence requirement by meeting the appropriate options for the multiple subject teaching credential or the single subject teaching credential.

Basic Skills Requirement

The California Education Code and Title 5 Regulations specify, in most cases, that applicants for a credential, certificate, or permit to serve in the public schools of California must verify basic skills proficiency before the credential, certificate, or permit will be issued. For Preliminary Teaching Credential candidates, the basic skills requirement must be met prior to serving as an intern. 

There are alternate options for meeting the BSR besides passing the CBEST exam, which are outlined on the CTC website (CL-667).  If you are choosing an alternate option, you are required to have it verified by a Credential Analyst in the Credential Services Office prior to applying for admissions to a credential program.

NEW Options for Meeting BSR Effective 7/9/2021

Assembly Bill (AB) 130 signed by the Governor and became effective July 9, 2021 includes provisions of the bill for creating new options for credential candidates to meet the Basic Skills Requirements (BSR). These new options include coursework or a combination of exams and coursework.   

Steps for BSR Verfication

  1. Complete the BSR Verification Form. [pdf]  For coursework or a combination of coursework/exam evaluation, include 41-bsr_sjsu [pdf] form. NOTE: SJSU Student ID required for BSR evaluation.
  2. Include official exam score report and/or transcripts. NOTE: Unofficial exam score reports and/or transcripts may be submitted, however, a conditional approval will be processed for admission purposes. Candidates will be required to submit official exam scores/reports when filing for the credential at the end of the program.
  3. Submit to Credential Services by email to or in person to Sweeney Hall 445.
  4. You will be notified by email within 7-10 business days regarding the status of your BSR verification request.

NOTE:  Approved BSR verifications are only valid towards CTC approved credential programs offered at San José State University. The BSR verification will be submitted to CTC at the end of the program when you are ready to file for your credential.  CTC is the granting authority and makes the final approval of the BSR.  

International Students and Foreign Transcript Evaluation

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing requires all individuals who have completed college or university coursework at an institution in a country other than the United States to obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts/degrees. The evaluation must result in an equivalent U.S. bachelors or masters degree. If an individual holds a masters degree from an accredited U.S. University or College, evaluation of undergraduate course work is not required for CTC, however, it may still be required for admission by SJSU's Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation office. 

SJSU and CTC requires independent evaluation of foreign degrees. 

  1. For SJSU admissions, you may visit the Graduate Admission and Program Evaluation (GAPE) website for more information about the transcript evaluation process, or you may contact GAPE at for assistance.
  2. To meet CTCs requirement, foreign degrees must be evaluated by an approved agency. See leaflet CL-635 for a list of foreign transcript evaluation agenices approved by CTC. The SJSU Credentials Services Office recommends using WES (World Education Services) for your evaluation since it is accepted by both CTC and SJSU's GAPE office. If you have questions, you may contact

Fingerprinting/Certificate of Clearance

The Certificate of Clearance is a document issued by the Commission to an individual who has completed the Commission's fingerprint character and identification process and whose moral and professional fitness has been shown to meet the standards as established by law. Certificates of Clearance issued on or after February 28, 2005 are valid for five years.

  1. Make an appointment for Livescan Fingerprinting service with the SJSU University Police Department. Alternatively, you may go to any agency to complete the Livescan service. Before you go to your Livescan appointment, print 3 copies of the 41-LS [pdf] form and take it with you.
  2. Complete the online application for the Certificate of Clearance through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) website.  Immediately following the successful submission of the online application, you will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation number and a link to track your application.

It may take up to 10 business days for CTC to process and grant your Certificate of Clearance. An email will be sent informing the individual that the document has been granted and can be viewed in 48 hours on the CTC website. If you do not receive an email after the 10th business day, you may contact the CTC at 916-322-4974, (Option 1, M-F, 12:30 PM - 4:35 PM) or by email at for a status update.

Adding Authorizations to an Existing Credential

General Education Authorizations

Supplementary and Subject Matter Authorizations

Supplementary and Subject Matter Authorization applications must be submitted directly to CTC for processing. If you require assistance with transcript evaluation to determine eligiblity, you may contact the Santa Clara County Office of Education.

Teacher Certification for Employment Outside of CA

If you are seeking employment outside of California and require verification of program completion, please complete the following steps below and submit to

  1. Complete the Out-of-State Information Cover Sheet [pdf]
  2. Pay the $15 processing fee
  3. Complete a Teacher Certification Form: This form is usually provided by the education department of the state where you are seeking employment.

Note: Your credential will be verified with the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). It does not have to be valid, however, if you do not hold a CA credential related to the program for which you are seeking verification, you will be required to submit additional paperwork. Please contact the SJSU Credential Services office for further instructions.

How to Renew an Emergency Permit

Completion of at least 6 semester units of coursework towards the appropriate credential program is required. The coursework must be completed after the issuance date of the last emergency permit and before the issuance date of the new permit. The original CL-469 form will be returned to you by mail as you will need to submit it to your employer for further processing.

To renew your Emergency Permit, complete steps 1 - 3 below:

  1. Complete the CL-469 form [pdf]
  2. Complete the Emergency Permit Information Cover Sheet [pdf]
  3. Email to or mail to:

San Jose State University 
Credential Services 
Sweeney Hall 445
San Jose, CA 95192-0015

How to Meet the U.S. Constitution Requirements

California law requires that all teachers pass a course in the U.S. Constitution before being issued a credential. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking an approved college level course(s) or by passing an approved exam. Below is a list of courses that satisfy this requirement:

San José State University Courses

Course Title
POLS 1 American Government
POLS 101 Political Instituions in the U.S.
HIST 171 Development of the U.S. Constitution
AFAM 2A or 2B Afro Americans/American History & Government
AAS 33A or 33B Asian American in U.S. History
HIST/POLS 15A or 15B U.S. History/Government
AMS 1A and 1B American Civilization
HUM 1AB and 2AB Western Culure & Society

Community College Courses

College Course
Cabrillo Pols 1 or 5
City College of S.F. Pols 1
DeAnza College Hist 17A or Pols 1
Evergreen College Pols 1
Foothill College Pols 1 or 7
San Jose City College Pols 1
West Valley College Pols 1 or 1H

If you have taken a course at another institution that you believe satisfies the requirement but is not listed, please s ubmit the items below to the SJSU Credential Services at or Sweeney Hall 445.

  1. Complete the U.S Constitution Verification form [pdf].
  2. Course description and syllabus from the college where the course was taken.
  3. Transcripts with passing grade of "C" or better for the course

The Education Code states that the U.S Constitution requirement may be met by satisfactory completion of coursework covering the principles of the U.S Constitution. The CTC has deemed that coursework for this requirement must be met by the a grade of "C" or better or pass, credit, or satisfactory grade. The coursework may be an online course taken at a regionally accredited two or four-year college of university.

U.S. Constitution Exam Option

How to Meet the Adult-Child-Infant CPR Requirement

If you are considering enrolling in a CPR course it must meet the American Heart Association guidelines. Due to COVID-19, online CPR courses are acceptable (Updated 1/11/21)

Recommended Courses