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Demands for racial justice, advances in technology, a changing job market, demographic shifts, and new research that strengthens our understanding of human cognition have created unique opportunities to reimagine learning.  FLI@SJSU brings together educators, researchers, and policymakers from across early childhood, K-12, and higher education sectors to radically transform P-20 education by generating new knowledge, elevating the importance of the scholarship of teaching and learning, amplifying the voices and experiences of learners who have historically been marginalized, and positioning SJSU as a thought leader in the field of equity-driven educational innovation. 

Summer 2020 Events

K-12 Online Teaching Academy

K-12 Online Teaching Academy

We have established our K-12 Online Teaching Academy to support pre-service teacher candidates and current teachers to strengthen their online teaching skills and adapt to our current circumstances.  Each webinar featured a 1-1.5 hour presentation and conversation on a different topic with a current educator.

Spring 2020 Events

SJSU Faces of Learning Project

This arts-based research initiative is designed to elicit student voices to provide insights into learning experiences at SJSU.  A group of SJSU undergraduate student researchers met with students in the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters to get a deeper understanding of their learning experiences.

Faculty Research Symposium

Thu. | Apr. 23 | 12-12:30pm

This event showcased Lurie College faculty Dr. Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz, Dr. Nadia Sorkhabi, and Dr. Shawn Vecillio and the impact of their research related to the future of learning.

Special Education Intern Institute

Math Networked Improvement Community

The MathNIC@SJSU will bring together math educators from local high schools, community colleges, and SJSU to explore common problems of practice as we seek to strengthen student learning and close opportunity gaps in mathematics achievement. Using an improvement science approach, participants will focus on a clear aim, work to gain a deeper understanding of the challenge(s) presented, and collaborate to design, test, and refine approaches that enhance student learning and improve mathematical understanding.

Fall 2019 Event

Future of Learning Summit Banner

Future of Learning Summit

Wed. | Nov. 13 | SJSU Student Union Theater

At this Summit, attendees and speakers engaged in a dialogue about how we learn today and consider how teaching and learning can and should evolve in the years ahead. Listen to the podcasts below to learn about the visions for the future of learning from many of the summit attendees! Additionally:

  • Read the coverage by the SJSU Newsroom on the Lurie College blog
  • Listen to all of the talks from the Future of Learning Summit below
  • Share your vision for the future of learning with at least 1 person and encourage at least 1 person to share their vision with someone else
  • Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #SJSUFutureLearn on TwitterLinkedIn, or Instagram

Speaker 1 | Laura Quintana - Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, Cisco
Listen to Laura discuss how she learned to converse with adults as a child, what's needed to prepare for the jobs of the future, and more!

Speaker 2 | Sabrina Dao - 7th Grade Student, Ocala STEAM Academy
Listen to Sabrina discuss preparing for the future, overcoming stereotypes, and more!

Speaker 3 | Vivian Vu - B.S. Degree Candidate, SJSU
Listen to Vivian discuss personal adversity, caring educators, and more!


Speaker 4 | Arun Ramanathan - CEO, Pivot Learning Partners
Listen to Arun Ramanathan, CEO of Pivot Learning Partners, discuss his vision for a world without labels!


Speaker 5 | Shar Naidu - Master's Degree Candidate, SJSU
Listen to Shar discuss creativity, pizza, and more!


Speaker 6 | Ellen Middaugh - Assistant Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, SJSU
Listen to Ellen discuss her vision for the future of learning to practice democracy!


Speaker 7 | Kent McGuire - Program Director of Education, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Listen to Kent discuss his vision for the future of deeper learning!


Speaker 8 | Christopher Cabaldon - Hazel Cramer Endowed Chair and Professor of Public Policy & Administration, Sacramento State University
Listen to Christopher discuss the future of people, defining learning, and more!


Speaker 9 | Valerie Lundy-Wagner - Senior Research Analyst, California Competes
Listen to Valerie discuss who deserves to learn!


Speaker 10 | Irene Castillón - Assistant Principal/History Teacher, Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School, and SJSU Lurie College Alumni
Listen to Irene discuss disrupting systemic barriers in education!