Analog, ASIC, and Mixed-Signals ICs

The AMIC lab is developed for research purposes and supports students affiliated with lab work from several graduate-level courses in advanced IC design.

Laboratory Sponsor: Atmel


Room: ENGR 319

Faculty Lab Directors
Sotoudeh Hamedi-Hagh
Hiu-Yung Wong
David Parent
Lili He

EE 220 - Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design I
EE 230 - Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design II
EE 198A/B - Senior Design Project
EE 297A/B - MSEE Project
EE 299A/B - MSEE Thesis


Available Equipment

Equipment     Model Quantity
Device Analyzer     Agilent B1500A 1
Network Analyzer     Agilent E8364B 1
Signal Generator     Agilent E8267D 1
Spectrum Analyzer     Agilent E4448A 1
Noise Figure Analyzer     Agilent N8975A 1
Embedded Controller     National Instruments PXI-8196 1
Waveform Generator     Agilent N6033A 1
Power Supply     Agilent E3630A 3
Digital Multimeter     Agilent 34401A 1
Oscilloscope     Agilent 54624A 1
Microscope     Cascade Microtech Summit 11101B 1
Desktop Computer     Dell Optiplex 790, 980, 9020, Precision T1700 17