MS Engineering, Specialization in Battery Technologies

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Lucas Business Complex
2933 Bunker Hill Lane
Santa Clara, CA

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Susan Alston





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SJSU’s Master of Science in Engineering, specialization in Battery Technologies was conceived of and designed through a partnership with industry professionals. This unique program is designed to meet the demand for skilled expertise in the battery industry. Courses prepare working professionals and motivated students for careers in the rapidly evolving field of battery technology, with topics ranging from battery technology basics and manufacturing, to market dynamics and policy considerations.

In 2018, the Battery Technologies curriculum underwent a rigorous review and has been updated to include innovative coursework. Hands-on opportunities to conduct research and market analysis with local firms on the cutting-edge of the battery industry prepares our graduates with the skills and experience they need to advance their careers. If you are interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering, specialization in Battery Technologies degree, and you have a background in engineering, chemistry or a closely related field, complete our prequalification form to get started.

After completing a prequalification form, check out SJSU's graduate admission requirements.

Students who meet the SJSU admissions requirements and are "Referred to Department" will be asked to participate in a multi-day Battery Boot Camp. Final acceptance to the program will be announced following completion of Boot Camp. More details to follow.

Key Benefits

  • Outstanding Faculty: Industry leaders and academic experts offer a wide range of practical knowledge and experience in engineering and software development.
  • Location, Location, Location: All courses are offered in Silicon Valley near high-tech employers. No need to commute to the SJSU campus!
  • Convenient Schedules: Class schedules are designed for working professionals who want to earn advanced degrees through accelerated programs.
  • Affordable Education: San Jose State University offers an outstanding educational value, and many local businesses will pay partial or full tuition for employees who enroll in graduate degree programs.

Program Details

  • Courses are offered with a hybrid delivery component.
  • Each course is eight weeks long, meeting one night a week (6:00 - 9:30pm), with two Saturday sessions per course.
  • Classes are delivered year-round in fall, spring, and summer.
  • There are 10 courses, for a total of 30 graduate-level units that fulfill the requirements for earning a Master of Science in Engineering degree. In addition, a student must also satisfy the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

For students graduating with MSE, specialization in Battery Technologies:

  1. Be able to work collaboratively with various disciplines of engineering, science and business.
  2. Be able to apply advanced theory and analysis for problem solving and synthesize and integrate information in the engineering process.
  3. Be able to utilize fundamental principles of battery technology to evaluate a battery system for a given application.
  4. Be able to discuss the pros, cons and technological challenges of wind, solar and hydroelectric (or three most deeply covered in course) renewable energy systems.
  5. Be able to develop and design battery and battery control systems for a given application.
  6. Be able to deliver effective presentations of engineering activities in written and oral formats.
  7. Be aware of ethical, economic and environmental implications.


Applying for admission to an off-campus cohort at San Jose State University is not a guarantee that the program will occur. Cohorts must meet minimum enrollment standards in order to take place. Please be aware that in the event a cohort does not launch due to low enrollment, any and all associated application fees cannot be refunded.