SJSU Emergency Communications

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San JosE State will use the following media to communicate with you during an emergency.


SJSU will send emergency information via text, audio and email messages to your cell phone, conventional phone and email account. Learn more about Alert-SJSU.


In the event of an emergency affecting campus for an extended period of time, updates and instructions would be sent to employees via the campus email system and to students via MySJSU.

Public Address System   

SJSU's indoor public address system uses speaker telephones in all offices and instructional spaces.

SJSU Homepage

The Division of University Advancement will post updates on the SJSU homepage.

Emergency Hotline, 408-924-SJSU

Recorded information will be provided and regularly updated.

Personal Voice Mail, 408-924-1009

Information for employees will be sent via voicemail. At the prompt, enter your mailbox number + * + your passcode.

KSJS 90.5 FM, Spartan Daily, Major Media

SJSU will send updates to on- and off-campus TV and radio stations.