Member Bios


To Add A Member Biography

Currently there are over 300 biographies of SJSU retired faculty on SJSU ScholarWorks, the campus institutional digital repository.  You may view member biographies at,

To add your biography to ScholarWorks download the ERFA Biography Form (a Word doc) by clicking here.  Complete the form per instructions and return it via email for posting on ScholarWorks.  You may include as much or as little information as you desire.  Particularly important is the Personal Commentary section about the University and community; these observations cannot be found elsewhere and provide a more complete picture of campus life.

SJSU ERFA Biography Project Background

The first biography project, completed in 1997, resulted in a book that is available in the SJSU Library. The title of the book is "Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997."  These biographies have been digitized and added to ScholarWorks.

In 2009 a second project was initiated and additional biographies were submitted and displayed on the ERFA web page.  In September 2018, the SJSU ERFA Board approved moving all of the existing biographies to ScholarWorks.  This change was made to ensure that faculty achievements and contributions to the University and community will always be recognized, remembered, and readily accessible.

Click here for a list of members who submitted biographies during the second project. The original version of these will be available in the MLK/SJSU library in the future.  Since the migration of biographies from this website to ScholarWorks, more ERFA members have contributed biographical profiles. 

Participation in this project is voluntary, thus not all members past and present are included in the biographies on ScholarWorks.