History of the Organization

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On February 15, 1986, an Emeritus Faculty Association (EFA) organizational meeting was held. According to the records in the EFA office, twenty-five emeritus faculty attended, representing most of the schools at the University. By September, 1986, the EFA was formed with 170 charter members. By mid-September a few more "dues paying members" were added.

In 2010, the constitution underwent significant revision. While these revisions resulted in changes name of the organization and some of the operating procedures, the purposes remain the same. The changes in the constitution reflect changes in the organization which included members who retired but did not receive emeritus status.

The purposes of the organization, as stated in the Constitution, are:

  1. Help emeritus and retired faculty members to maintain a continuing and fruitful association with the University
  2. Keep emeritus and retired faculty informed of University affairs and develop means to facilitate their participation in the life of the University
  3. Secure and enhance the status, rights and privileges of the emeritus and retired faculty of San Jose State University
  4. Encourage and facilitate the emeritus and retired faculty to continue their scholarly and professional activities (teaching, research, writing, consultation) as contributing members of the academic community of the University
  5. Provide social, recreational and educational programs for emeritus and retired faculty
  6. Contribute to achievement of the University mission by such means as may be determined by Association members.

Over the years, EFA/ERFA has been guided by these goals. Newsletters, excursions, luncheons, and other events strive to make the purposes a reality. In addition, participation in the University Academic Senate continues to make EFA/ERFA a viable factor in the affairs of San Jose State University.

- revised 2010 by Don Keesey, EFA past president, and Carol Christensen, EFA Webmaster

- written 2006 by Clifford R. Johnson, EFA Archivist