Emeritus Faculty Status

This page includes information for SJSU faculty who are interested in emeritus faculty status.

General Information (gleaned from Academic Senate Policies F14-2, S94-8 and SJSU website)

A. Eligibility for Emeritus Faculty Status

The title "emeritus" shall normally be conferred on each tenured or lecturer faculty member upon retirement from the University. In special circumstances the President may withhold the awarding of Emeritus status for cause. The President may consult with the Board of Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility. The President may confer the title "emeritus" on any other retiring faculty member. Faculty participating in the Early Retirement Program are considered to be regular members of the faculty and therefore are not yet eligible for emeritus status.

B. Emeritus Faculty Privileges

  1. New emeritus faculty shall be listed in the program of the commencement ceremony closest to their retirement. Emeritus faculty should be listed as such in the University Catalog, in the same manner as regular faculty.
  2. Eligible faculty members shall be given a letter of emeritus status and a permanent ID card indicating their status as emeritus members of the faculty.
  3. Emeritus faculty shall be granted the same library privileges and held to the same responsibilities as regular faculty.
  4. The University should, so far as space, resources, and priorities permit, assist emeritus faculty in their scholarly or professional pursuits. Such assistance may include, but is not limited to, the assignment of an appropriate office space if available, access to equipment or services, and the right to compete for research grants through the University Foundation.
  5. Emeritus faculty should have access to campus recreational facilities and to cultural and athletic events on the same basis as regular faculty.
  6. Upon request, emeritus faculty shall be granted, insofar as space allows, free parking permits.
  7. Emeritus faculty may serve as a director or principal investigator (PI) of a sponsored project, emeritus faculty with the prior concurrence of the college dean.
  8. Emeritus faculty may maintain a SJSUOne network account.
Library Emeritus Faculty Services (from SJSU library website)

Library books can be checked out to emeritus faculty for the semester. Sound recordings can be checked out for a week. Faculty loans are subject to recall when there are other requests for the materials. Interlibrary Services requests can be made online.
As an SJSU Emeritus faculty member you may use the Library's Internet resources from your home computer via the World Wide Web from the Library web site. These include:

  • The Library Catalog
  • Journal Indexes and Abstracts for scholarly, professional, and popular periodicals
  • Full text of some scholarly journals and many popular magazines
  • Full text of many newspapers, local, national and international
  • Business and company information
  • Scholarly and professional resources

For more information on library services for emeritus faculty go to the library website.

To use library resources after retirement, Emeritus faculty members must have an Emeritus library account.

  1. Present the President's letter to the Card Center, (408) 924-CARD (2273) to be issued an Emeritus Faculty card.
  2. Present the card to the Library, Circulation Department, (408) 808-2000, to be entered into the database.

Procedure for obtaining Emeritus status

Request Emeritus status from your Dean, who then writes to the Provost, who then writes to the President. The official letter is sent by the President

The Emeritus Faculty Recommendation Form, used to recommend retiring faculty for emeritus status, is available from Provost Office and can be downloaded here (2015.Emeritus_Faculty_Recommendation_Form.pdf). Submit the completed form to the Provost Office (0020).

SJSUOne Accounts

A SJSUOne account is necessary to connect to the wireless network and a growing list of SJSU web-based applications (email, faculty web pages, etc). Accounts are generated and deactivated on a daily basis using an automated connection to the Human Resources (HR) database and are available for current faculty, staff, students, and emeritus faculty. Upon retirement HR no longer lists you as an active employee/member of the campus community and your account is disabled.

If you are an Emeritus Faculty member, contact HR about enabling your account. You may be asked to bring their Emeritus Appointment letter to Human Resources.