Camtasia is a screen recording software. You can use it to record computer screen and produce lecture videos. The videos may provide students an alternative learn method and enhance student learning. The video tutorials listed below will guide you to create a professional-looking and amazing video production. Please file a iSupport ticket if you have questions or want to request a consultation.

Video Tutorials

Quick Tips

The seven tips below may benefit you to record your lecture with recording tool.

  1. To plan and decide your recording topics before recording a lecture.
  2. To script an audio narration script before recording.
  3. To keep your video short: for audience attention span reason.
  4. To use headsets for better audio quality and remove the background noisy.
  5. To speak at an appropriate speed. To make your lecture videod more engaging with students and clearer, you may want to speak at an appropriate speed which combined with fast, slow, and medium speed.
  6. To stay focused on your topics. If you don't stay focused on your topic, audience may be disrupted or disconnected with the topics.
  7. To ensure including closed captioning and using table of contents while editing your recordings.