Remote exam solution

ProctorU is one of online proctoring services. If faculty plans to use ProctorU for remote exams, please make a request for using ProctorU service.

1. Getted started

2. Prepare your students get ready 

  • Advise your students to follow the requirements of taking a ProctorU exam and access our student resources
  • Ensure your students are aware of a late registration fees policy before you set up your exam. Please set up your exam in advance and advise your students to register for your exam as soon as possible. If your students fail to schedule an exam appointment with proctorU 72 hours prior to the exam, they are responsible for paying $5.00 late registration fees at their own cost. (must)

3. When you set up an exam, you should 

  • Enter exam information in advance (2 weeks before the exam is highly recommended) to allow your students schedule their exam appointment in time (must)
  • Extend the exam windows at least one hour (must)
  • Add notes and contact information 

4. The alternative solution for the paper exam *

  • You can create a Part I exam in Quizzes and a Part II exam in Assignment on Canvas. And, you will need to specify clearly how much time is given for each part of exams on Part I and Part II. For example: You have a 120 minute exam (for students to complete their Part I exam and a 15 minute assignment Part II assignment submission for students to upload their paper solution record on Assignments.
  • What you do
  • Part I exam: You will create a 120 minute final exam via Quizzes.
  • Part II exam: You will create a 15 minute, a complete/incomplete assignment, called final exam paper submission in Assignments

How it works for students 

  • Part I exam: Students will complete the Part I exam submission via Canvas Quizzes within 120 minutes
  • Part II exam: After students submit their Part I exam, they will take a picture on their paper (or use Adobe Scan app to take a picture and save it as .pdf) and upload the picture(or .pdf) to Assignments via 15 minute

After you set up your exam, please 

  • Inform students to schedule an exam with ProctorU once you have been confirmed that the exam has been set up (must)
  • Warn students that scheduling within 72 hours uncurs late fees (must)

On the exam day

  • Be available during the exam window (if possible) in case proctors or students need to contact you
  • If you hear from your students or receive a message/email form ProctorU, please use LiveChat from your ProctorU account or dial 1-855-772-8678 

After the exam, you may 

  • Receive student incident report (if any)


  • Can I schedule a practice or a mock exam via ProctorU? NO