Reflection on College Writing

All entering first year students complete the Reflection on College Writing, an online course in Canvas, the SJSU learning management system.

What is it?

How Do I Complete this Work?

When Do I Need to Have this Work Completed?

What is it?

The five modules in Canvas will guide you to explore how your prior learning as a reader and writer can be transferred to SJSU writing courses and requirements.

You will explore five questions:

  1. Who are you as a writer?
  2. How will you use reading at SJSU?
  3. What will SJSU writing assignments be like?
  4. What are your course options as a writer?
  5. Which course is best for you?

How Do I Complete This Work?

  1. Work within the deadlines to complete all five modules in Canvas.
  2. You can complete the Reflection on College Writing at your own pace. While the modules can be done in 3 hours, we recommend you work at a comfortable pace. You want to use these sample college assignments to gauge the amount of study time you will need to be comfortable and confident in your work.
  3. Check back after you have submitted the work to make sure your grade report shows the “10/10” points you need to complete the requirement.
  4. If you have submitted the work but your grade report does not say “10/10,” go back into Canvas and look for comments on your work from the facilitator. Once you correct your submission, check back again until you see the “10/10” total points.
  5. Complete Canvas Reflection by the dates indicated in the Table of Reflection Deadlines.

When Do I Need to Have This Work Completed?

Complete Canvas Reflection by the dates indicated in the Table of Reflection Deadlines. You will not be able to enroll in your writing course until the Reflection on College Writing is finished.