Undergraduate Newsletter

Our newsletter is a student-run compilation of recent news, articles, and other resources that may be of interest to you.

Students in English 129 write articles, craft the layout, edit the text and learn InDesign. If this interests you, check into our major, minors and certificates in Technical Writing.

Undergraduate Newsletter Archive

Fall 2021
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2019
Newsletter [pdf]

Spring 2019                                                                                                      Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2018
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2017
Newsletter [pdf]

Spring 2017
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2016
Newsletter [pdf]

Spring 2016
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2015
Newsletter [pdf]

Spring 2015
Newsletter [pdf]  [pdf] The Writing Life [pdf]

Spring 2013
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2012
Newsletter [pdf]

Fall 2011
Newsletter [pdf]

The Writing Life [pdf]

Newsletter [pdf]

Spring 2008 [pdf]

Department Newsletter Fall 2008 [pdf]

The Writing Life - Fall 2008 [pdf]

Spring 2007 [pdf]

Fall 2007 [pdf]

Fall 2006 [pdf]

Spring 2006 [pdf]

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