Department Recognition

Each month, the AVP’s Office of Enrollment Services recognizes the following departments for their outstanding contributions to the campus community and student success.

  • Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
  • Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluation
  • Office of the Registrar
  • Technical Implementation & Communication
  • Testing Office
  • Undergraduate Admissions & Outreach


Goals for the Department Recognition program include:

  1. Improve unit goal accomplishments
  2. Improve employee motivation and satisfaction
  3. Attract and retain employees
  4. Create a supportive work environment
  5. Improve productivity and overall organizational success

Through the Department Recognition program, departments within Enrollment Services participate in interactive fun activities to connect, educate one another on the services they offer, and to recognize a specific department for their achievements throughout the year.

Rewards include thank you cards, certificates of excellence and small promotional items from the bookstore. The Enrollment Services Department Recognition Program does not interfere with daily processes.