Requirements for Admission


Photo: Former graduate student, Zoha Lambert investigating the complexities of redwood forest canopy structure 

“I think one of the main attributes of the program is its people, students and faculty. The collaborative spirit of most involved were a source of inspiration for me.”

— Vagelis Vassos, Former Graduate Student 


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For more information about the Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, Dr. Rachel O'Malley, at

The following list describes the minimum requirements for admission to the Environmental Studies Department.  Please check the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) website for university-level requirements.

  • Research interests that complement those of faculty thesis chairs in the Environmental Studies Department at SJSU.
  • An undergraduate degree in
    1. Environmental Studies or Science
    2. Another field: Students who have completed a major in another field may be accepted as "conditionally classified."  Conditionally classified students will be required to complete prerequisites or meet other conditions before they are able to apply for classified standing.  Conditions typically include up to 15 units from the Preparation and Environmental Studies BS core requirements, with a GPA of 3.0 or above. 
  • Capability, in the opinion of the Graduate Committee, of successfully completing the degree requirements.
  • A minimum 3.0 (B) overall grade point average for the last 60 semester units of academic study at an accredited institution.
  • For all students who graduated from a higher education institution outside of the U.S., an English-language proficiency exam is required. All test scores must be less than two years old. Test scores must be sent directly from the testing office to San José State University (SJSU Institution Code is 4687; Department Code is 0502).
  • No other standardized tests are required (e.g. GRE)