Become an ENVS Major

How to Apply for Admission

We are so pleased you are interested in becoming an Environmental Studies major!  The Department Chair and other advisors are here to help you enter the major and move through the program as quickly and efficiently as possible.

All new majors — whether First-Year or Transfer students — must meet with the Department Chair, Dr. Lynne Trulio, who will provide you with academic advising to help you through your program of study. Once you have declared a concentration or minor, you will then be assigned to the appropriate advisor.

Please read the SJSU Admissions page for information on admission requirements, application deadlines, and submitting your application online via, etc.

First-Year Students

If you have not yet declared your major or you wish to change your major, contact Dr. Lynne Trulio if you wish to declare an Environmental Studies major or Dr. Katherine Cushing, if you wish to declare Global Studies as your major.

Transfer Students

If you transferred to San José State University and were accepted immediately into the program, congratulations!

If you were not accepted directly into the program, you can still become an Environmental Studies or Global Studies major by:

  • Achieving and maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0
  • Achieving and maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0
    Completing two upper-division (100-level) courses in Environmental Studies (6-8 units) or Global Studies with a 2.0 GPA.
  • Once you've fulfilled these requirements, make an appointment with Dr. Lynne Trulio for Environmental Studies degrees and Dr. Katherine Cushing for the Global Studies degree.


Declaring Environmental Studies or Global Studies as Your Major/Minor

If you wish to declare your major or minor in Environmental Studies, contact Dr. Lynne Trulio for an advising appointment. For a major or minor in Global Studies, contact Dr. Katherine Cushing for an advising appointment.