Spring 2021 is a new semester and a fresh start.  Whether you are a new SJSU EOP student or a continuing student, make this semester the best one yet!  Be informed and read everything that is sent to you from the university.  As a student, you are expected to read and act upon required items by the appropriate deadlines.

Any exceptions you may have worked out with your prior advisor were for that semester only.

Spring 2021 Plans will be emailed on 1/28 via Spartan Connect. Please be sure to check your emails or log directly into Spartan Connect for your assigned plan.

Click on the links below for Plan Requirements:


EOP Probation Spring/Fall 2021:

  • It is important that you compelete your requirements in their entirety every semester.  If you do not complete your Spring 2021 EOP requirements, you will be place on EOP probation at the end of the semester.
    • If you are placed on probation, then you will not recieve your Fall 2021 EOP Grant.
    • The EOP Grant Hold will be placed on your account - this hold does not prevent the adding or dropping of classes.
    • EOP Grant holds will be released in December 2021, only if you complete your requirements in the fall.
    • If you are on probation with the end of Spring 2021, and do not complete your Fall 2021 requirements, you will be removed from EOP, lose EOP services and EOP grant.


  • If a student is not in good standing with EOP Plan Requirements, the student will be placed on EOP Probation, and a hold will be placed on the EOP Grant for the following semester. The hold will not be removed until requirements have been completed and verified at the end of the following semester. The hold does not affect ability to register for classes, nor affect any other financial aid.
  • A second, consecutive semester of non-compliance with plan requirements will result in removal from EOP and a loss of services and the EOP Grant.
  • EOP Probation status is separate from SJSU’s academic probation standing.