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For Community Partners

To become a community partner for the EPICS program, you must first be registered in the California State University database at

Registration requires some basic information for your organization, and the University Organization Agreement (UOA).

For Industry Sponsors

Sponsors provide the means for EPICS teams to fund their projects. Without the financial support and volunteer hours of our sponsors, our students would lack the resources to bring their ideas to life. We are enormously grateful to our current sponsors and are always looking to engage more partners to help move our community forward.

For Students

EPICS is a service-learning course where engineering students work in multidisciplinary and multi-level teams to undertake community-identified engineering projects. Students will gain insight into design and development processes and perform and report upon tasks consistent with their level of discipline expertise. 

Projects are intended to be at least one year in length, meaning that ongoing student participation in EPICS classes is encouraged. EPICS projects are for non-profit organizations, local communities, and government agencies. Student teams are multidisciplinary and are a mix of freshman through seniors.

For EPICS Instructors 

Your EPICS instructors (Dr. Thompson & Prof. Perry) will teach about the design process, support navigating your project, and provide structure.  Your EPICS instructors are expected to:

  • develop a learning experience that guides the students through learning outcomes stated in the syllabus
  • grade your assignments in an appropriate amount of time
  • provide coaching, support & networking through the course