For Industry Sponsors

Sponsors provide the means for EPICS teams to fund their projects. Without the financial support and volunteer hours of our sponsors, our students would lack the resources to bring their ideas to life. We are enormously grateful to our current sponsors and are always looking to engage more partners to help move our community forward.

We welcome participation from industry in any of the following ways:

Donate to one (or more) project(s) for a year

We typically ask for $5000 per project, which will go directly towards project costs. Your company logo will be on the final product, and featured on the project team website and promotions.

Provide mentors to team projects

Ideally, the mentor(s) would cover the areas of expertise required by specific team projects. Mentors meet the student teams on a regular basis for the academic year (we suggest bi-weekly) to guide them in making good engineering decisions.

Areas of expertise sought for 2016-17:

  • Android and iOS app development
  • Underwater devices; underwater cameras
  • Electronics; remote operation
  • Sensors
  • Construction; plumbing; electrical; building codes
  • Programming with IBM Watson

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Provide design reviewers

Design reviews occur once per semester, typically on a Wednesday evening. All project mentors are invited to attend the design reviews. In addition, general design reviewers are invited to provide a review of the designs presented.

Areas of expertise sought for 2016-17 (in addition to the technical areas for mentoring above):

  • Public speaking; presentation skills
  • Project management
  • Service to the community

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Donate materials

If your company produces a product, materials, or supplies needed by a team and you are willing to donate it, we will be sure to acknowledge it prominently on our final prototype.

Materials list for 2016-17:

  • Paint
  • Lumber
  • Energy-efficient washer/dryer

Provide facilities

Lab facilities or build spaces that your company could allow a student team to use could give our student teams greater capability while increasing visibility of your company.

For any questions, or to become a sponsor, please contact Jinny Rhee