90 and above earned units

Read all the steps first so that you have a clear plan before you get started on the form.

  1. Meet with the appropriate Advisor for the intended major, i.e. Major Advisor, Department Chair, etc., depending on the department.
  2. Discuss requirements for changing into that major such as:
    • good academic standing
    • completion of any recommended prerequisite courses
    • a graduation timeline using the "what if" feature in MyPlanner
  3. Complete your portion of the More than 90 Units [pdf] form from the Registrar.
  4. Collect the required attachments.
  5. If using Docusign for electronic signatures, create a new envelope and upload your completed form (be sure to log in to Docusign with your SJSU email via SSO). Otherwise, skip to Step 7.
  6. Upload your attachments, specify Need to Sign recipients as well as insert their name, signature, and date fields on the form, and add any CC recipients (e.g. Registrar). Get help using Docusign
  7. Get the appropriate signatures in the following order (in Docusign, mark these recipients as Need to Sign and enter each Name and Email):
    1. Major Advisor for your new major
    2. Department Chair for your new major
    3. Associate Dean of the College of Engineering (vacant) - use Smita Duorah | smita.duorah@sjsu.edu
  8. Submit your signed form to the Registrar:
    • In Docusign, when you create the envelope and assign signature recipients and fields, also add a 4th recipient Registrar | records-regist@sjsu.edu as Receives a Copy (CC).
    • Or, print a copy, and deposit it in the physical dropbox by the Student Services Center entrance (corner of 9th St and San Fernando) or send it via USPS mail to the address on the form.

There is no deadline for this form; your major advisor or chair will help determine your eligibility. Special conditions apply to new transfer students.